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AMD ReLive Audio is out of sync (about 15 to 20 seconds delay)

Question asked by suit on Aug 23, 2017

ReLive is not recording properly anymore (well it did not before either, sometimes it worked, sometimes audio was delayed by 500 ms to 2 seconds)


before using 17.7.2 the audio was out of sync sometimes, now it is out of sync every time i record, no matter what audio settings i choose - even cleaning all the drivers and reinstalling a fresh 17.8.1 did not help - i'd usually get around 15 to 20 Seconds delay



R9 290

FX 8350

16 GiB RAM

Windows 10 64 Bit + Creators Update

Drivers: 17.8.1

Soundcard: Roccat Juke (primary) and OnBoard RealTek