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White dots/lines over terrain

Question asked by nano_s on Aug 23, 2017

I've noticed while playing Doom (2016) that some parts of the ground (mainly in outside areas) and where the ground angles are lined with white dots and lines. Looks like some form of z fighting or aliasing, i'm not sure. But it remains static on the same terrain as i move around it. I've only seen it in slopped or angled terrain in outside areas so far.




The only way i've found to make it go away is to enable TSSAA 8x

Already made a similar post on Bethesda's forums, but im not sure if it's a game issue or driver, or something else.


CPU: i5 4440

GPU: r7 360 2GB

RAM: 8GB ddr3-1600

HDD: WD blue 1TB