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Laptop dedicated graphics card not activating

Question asked by kikofmas on Aug 23, 2017



Before anything else I should state my specs, they are as follows:

Laptop model: Acer E5-521g

APU: AMD A8-6410

GPU: AMD R5 M240


OS: Windows 10 64bits

AMD Radeon software version: 17.30.1041-170720a-316467C-CrimsonReLive

I'm sorry if I missed any info. I added an DxDiag to give you most informaton I could.


I only played games with low settings thinking my pc couldn't handle more. But, as I tried to play Far Cry 3 (which acording to CYRI, I should have the recomended specs) I only got 17 fps. Needless to say it is unplayable. I used GPU-Z to undestand if my gpu was running too hot or on maximum load, and I realized it wasn't even turned on. Only my integrated graphics were working and obviously on full load. I switched to Rocket legue to understand if the problem was on the game. I can run it with everything on low (except for the render quality) at 35~40 FPS depending on the map. But I realised my dedicated graphics card wouldn't turn on either on that game. The same happened with all games.


I already put everything on high performance on the switchable graphics thread on the Radeon Software and on windows power managing options with no result whatsoever. I tried Doing a clean install of the radeon software with the help of DDU tool, but results stay the same. I've been looking for an answer for this problem, but I've never found a solid resolution or have already done all steps without any result.


I don't know what I could domore to solve this problem... I thank in advance any charitable soul who will try to help me.