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Solidworks 2017 not recognised and not supported by the GPU anymore

Question asked by michelpfeffer-jaoul on Aug 23, 2017

Hello there,


I need some help as Solidworks 2017 is not recognised by my graphic card driver, and I cannot work as it is very slow.
After unsinstalling and reinstalling the driver, I tried to add SLDWORKS.exe in the switchable Graphic tab but it is no recognised.

Which is quite weird as other add-ons of Solidworks, such as photoview360.exe are recognised and supported by the GPU.


I checked Soliworks support who sent me the driver pack of my DELL precision 7700 laptop, containing the AMD driver package.

I did unsinstall and reinstall one more time without any effect : solidworks 2017 remains very slow as not supported by the GPU.


Did you guys know how to solve this situation ?

Thanks in advance,



Graphics Chipset   AMD Radeon (TM) R9 M375X

Driver Packaging Version   17.30.1041-170720a-316469C-CrimsonReLive

Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro Settings Version   2017.0720.1902.32426