Graphic Driver Crashes

Discussion created by endercrafter78 on Aug 23, 2017
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I have a big problem with my computer.

I play videogames but most of them crashes. I think my graphic driver is the problem. Here are my games that aren't working:


Fractured Space: A missing part of the animation when jumping.

No man's sky: Multiple game crashes. Can't play any further because its crashing every time at one part of the story.

Kerbal Space Program: Game freezes multiple times.

Besiege: Game freezes multiple times.

Subnautica: Game crashes every time in survival mode.


I use the "Radeon RX 480 Graphics" and used every time the newest driver. I wanted to try older drivers, but they can't identify my graphic card. Even when I choose manually.

So I hope someone has a solution or an idea how to install older drivers.