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    Graphic Driver Crashes


      I have a big problem with my computer.

      I play videogames but most of them crashes. I think my graphic driver is the problem. Here are my games that aren't working:


      Fractured Space: A missing part of the animation when jumping.

      No man's sky: Multiple game crashes. Can't play any further because its crashing every time at one part of the story.

      Kerbal Space Program: Game freezes multiple times.

      Besiege: Game freezes multiple times.

      Subnautica: Game crashes every time in survival mode.


      I use the "Radeon RX 480 Graphics" and used every time the newest driver. I wanted to try older drivers, but they can't identify my graphic card. Even when I choose manually.

      So I hope someone has a solution or an idea how to install older drivers.

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          did not worked

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            bro i know the pain and suffering that you are facing now. its very frustrating. i want to share my experience with u in hope that it may help you. I was having serious problem with my pc after installing rx 480 reference edition. Before that i used 2 other cards, will share experience with those some other time. Now before installing rx 480 i was using i5 6600k overclocked to 4.4 ghz all cores @ 3.2v. It was very stable, checked with intel burn test and aida 64. No problem at all, also played League of legends for months without any issue. After rx 480, the pc restarts without any warning. The screen just goes black like a fuse and restarts randomly without any warning. It used to happen in the middle of playing games or even when the pc was in idle. I have tried so many things, googled it, researched it then at the end i downclocked my cpu to 4.3 ghz all cores @ 3.2V. Down clocked rx 480 for gpu to 1190 ghz and overclocked vram to 2150 @ auto voltage using driver 17.8.2. Power to +20 percent. If i change any of the settings it will crash. i have found this combination using unigine superposition benchmark after running it for 1080p medium to 8k extreme setting. Now i have no crash. I have recently finished playing bf4 and cod infinite warfare. Dont know if it was the cpu or gpu causing the issue but will find out within a couple of days. Noted that the default gpu setting in the wattman was gpu 1266 vram 2000 and power 0 percent. but the default setting caused crashing.


            My system is as below,


            Mother board: asus z170-a

            Ram: 16 gb

            Psu: thermaltake se 730w

            cpu: i5 6600k

            gpu: sapphire rx 480 refference edition

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                It worked kind of.

                No Man's Sky works now, Fractured Space got another part of the animation, but there are still missing parts. The planets in Kerbal Space Program have now weird gaps

                in orbit. Thank you, but it's still not complete. I'm sure other people can use you answer.