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    New Graphics Card


      Hey guys I am currently searching the market for a new graphics card. I am currently running a Radeon R9 260 and I would like to get something new but nothing too crazy. Any ideas to what I should be buying/replacing with??

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          Bad time to need a new video card with the miners driving prices out of the stratosphere. The next step up would be the RX 570, which is a tad over twice as fast, but it also draws 150w vs your card's 95w, and it also costs, when you can find it in stock, $400+, which is not worth it. There are some 4GB models found in bundles for around $275, but that 4GB will hamper you above 1920x1080. On the green team, there's the GTX 1060 around the $300 mark and is approaching 3x as fast as the 260, which is still a badly inflated price but not nearly as bad considering the performance.


          Although AMD is set to release Vega 56 on the 28th which beats the GTX 1070 for performance the majority of the time and costs $400 (or so they say it will) and can bring a decently equipped system to 400w at the wall (or around 350w at the PSU depending on your efficiency level), but it's no doubt going to be immediately slammed by miners, so getting one may be difficult.