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Second monitor does not automatically receive a signal

Question asked by noodol on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by noodol

I've recently built a new system. All new components save for a WD green HDD for bulk storage. My new GPU is an MSI RX 580 8gb, armor edition.


I'm having a couple of issues, one is definitely driver related:


On starting the system the second monitor remains black after login, despite displaying the POST screen as a duplicate, and also duplicating the main display prior to installing the video drivers from radeon. The screen can be coaxed into waking by opening radeon settings and on the display tab cycling an option for the offending monitor, eg 'virtual super resolution.' It's not the cables, I've tried swapping them between all combination of GPU outlets and monitors, and like I said, it doesn't seem to have trouble before the drivers are installed.


The drivers I first used were 17.7.2

I then manually went back to 17.7.1 and the issue was gone

I then noticed the brand new 17.8.1 and gave it a shot - issue returns.

I don't really mind running a slightly older driver for stability, but this issue is irritating.


My larger problem at the moment is a system crash on starting any 3d application (game or benchmarking... I started this thread last night: Power loss in-game - Systems - Tom's Hardware )

I suspect either the GPU or PSU, I'll be swapping my old 7870 in tonight to test before trying to talk to the retailer about testing the components sold to me tomorrow.


Edit: removal of drivers, swapping of GPU, and reinstalling 17.8.1 with the 7870 does not recreate the issue. Leaning towards a dud rx 580. Disappointed, as every thing ran fine for friday/saturday/sunday until the evening.