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Fix RX 480 stuck at 630MHZ after 17.8.1 update

Question asked by altairfrjunior on Aug 22, 2017

Hello. First time that I post something here. But here we go.
  I've been using the Crimson Drivers 17.7.2 without problems with my Power Collor Red Dragon Radeon RX 480 8GB
  I use to play The Witcher 3 with 45~60 FPS, mostly 60 FPS, but after I've updated the Display Drivers to the 17.8.1 version, the GPU clock keeps running only at 630MHZ 100% GPU Used, witch gave me a 30 FPS drop. The video on the link bellow shows it


RX 480 8GB stuck at 630MHZ after 17.8.1 Update on The Witcher 3 - YouTube


After this, I checked WattMan Global, and if I leave it at the Default settings, my clocks will be like this

If I switch the Frequency slider on and off, then hit apply,  the clocks get fixed.



I'm posting this, because it took me so long to figure it out. Never got this kind of problem with almost a year with the product. I imagine that a regular user would be lost with this kind of problem.

  I've rolled back the driver to 17.7.2 version, and it don't have the same problem. Like I said before, that was the first one to show this problem.
Hope this post will be usefull to anyone who run into  a similar problem.