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s7150x2 and Horizon View not ready?

Question asked by serinfbco on Aug 21, 2017

We are actually testing the card S7150x2 with Horizon View and we have many concerns. If we compare the MxGpu setup with our experience with Nvidia K1, the usage and performance are disappointing. After 1 week of testing here what we saw:

  • Only 30 VM get the AMD vGpu instead of 32. This in a known limitation of ESXi 6.0 that we were unawere. Here what we found in the setup guide at the last line "Note: MxGPU is limited to 15 VFs per GPU due to a limitation in VMWare ESXi 6.0.". We did not try under ESXi 6.5. Someone can confirm it was fixed under 6.5?
  • VmWare Linked Clones are not supported. This is really a project stopper for us. We can't recompose or refresh the VM for this reason. If we do, we lost all the PCI passthrough to the AMD card and all of this tedious work again. Saw on this forum, a workaround exists or is in development to support Linked Clones but we did not received information about this yet (PM sended). Again someone can confirm it's worked with VmWare Linked Clones?
  • We got a lot of issues with AMD drivers mixup. Finally after some tests the best we achieve so far is this combination:
    • VIB driver for Esxi 6.0: version 1.0
    • Windows 7 x64 driver: version 17.5.2
  • We understand AMD will bring more developpement on the integration with VmWare Horizon in the future but where we are really dissapointed is with performance. We are talking about the user experience here and whatever is done on the technical side the final word come from the users. We evaluate s7150x2 with the same software we are using with NVidia Grid K1 and despite the s7150x2 is better on paper we got better results with NVidia. I can get more details about the tests we did (Benchmarks, software, etc)
  • There is no command line in ESXi console to get % usage of the AMD card ("nvidia-smi" counterpart have not equivalent on AMD or can't find it)


Finally I'm asking if someone have the same results when comparing NVidia K1 and S7150x2. Maybe someone have clues or achieve good results if yes what are your setup?



Here our environment:

VmWare View 7.0.1

ESXi 6.0 U2

Dell PowerEdge R730

Windows 7 x64 SP1 (patchs applied)

Usage: for classroom with Autocad, ArcGIS, Google Earth

Config: AMD = mxGPU (32 VM), NVidia =   NVidia Grid VGPU, profile "Grid K120Q"