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RX480 - no signal under heavy load

Question asked by woolly on Aug 21, 2017

Hello everyone.
Specs -
Powercolor RX480 Red Devil (8GB)
Windows 10 64bit
Driver - Crimson 17.7.2

Monitor - AOC through DVi
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77V-DELUXE; BIOS - 1206
CPU - Intel i7 3770k
PSU - Thermaltake TR2 RX 1200W Bronze

RAM - 16gb



So... now is the time for a little story?

First time I’ve seen "no signal" was while playing We Happy Few, with recent new update. I played it for some time with bad frames, they varied from 60 to 30, then I found some pipe with sewage leaking, so I stand under it, and after around 10 seconds of sewage showering I got "no signal".

Then I tried same thing again and it didn't happen. I asked myself how I could trigger it again, and found very easy how, and not too long after.

I've downloaded Furmark and started "burn-in" test...

First off - it starts with 70+ frames and gradually, with every degree they got worse, until they hit 52-55 mark. GPU at this time have temperature around 70-72. But if I take screenshot - it will crash graphics card in "no signal". I tried this three times already - and it triggers it perfectly.

For it to crash (or I really don't know what's happening to GPU in this state) I need to put MSAA to 0 and test it for around 5 minutes, when fans hit mark 130% I tap f9 to make screenshot and "no signal" state is achieved.

Also there is one interesting thing - while pc is in "no signal" state I can press reboot button and it will reboot, everything looks like it's going okay - num lock on keyboard flashes, mouse lights turn off and on as it starts, and even disk activity light blinking, but there still no signal on monitor, until I turn off pc completely...

And another thing - in last Furmark crash fans were not that loud, until i made screenshot and crashed card, then fans instantly got loud.

Before writing this message I cleaned my pc, even PSU, because it over 4 years old and there was pretty big amount of dust. But nothing has changed, for some reason it even got a bit worse (I think) because it now stutters when I open programs that show hardware statistics (like HWmonitor).

So... what may cause this problem? is it my PSU or is it my GPU? I mostly think that it one of those two...

Thank you for help.