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    Settings for full DDR4 SPD (ASUS)


      Hi folks,


      I´ll found some usefull settings (THX to flusher1 from reddit)  for people, who uses a MB´s from Asus. I´ll test this settings with my friends on my rig and the rig of my friends. A, B350-A, B350 - Plus, X370 and the ROG Crosshair VI Hero, with diffrent DDR4 Boundel (32GB - 64GB / Dual Channel). Dosen´t matter wich RAM we tested, they run with those settings on full SPD.


      RAM we tested:


      - Corsair Vegeance LPX 3000 (4x8GB / On B350-A)

      - Corsair Vegeance LPX 3200 (4x8GB / On B350 Plus)

      - G. Skill  Trident Z RGB 3000 (4x8GB / On X370 Pro)

      - ADATA XPG Dazzle LED Series (4x16GB / On ROG Crossair VI Hero).


      Don´t use D.O.C.P and follow those settings. And be sure to use the latest Bios Version.


      ! Cave !


      Your rig and CPU got 15° +/- more Tempreture on full load, with this settings. Dosen´t matter on air or liquid cooling.


      AT Tweaker:

      Ai Overclock Tuner [Auto]

      Memory Frequency [DDR4- xxxxmhz] (it depends on your RAM SPD)

      Custom CPU Core Ratio [Auto]

      > CPU Core Ratio [38.25]   (you can keep it auto, when you use a boxed cooler, CPU goes hot with 38,25)

      EPU Power Saving Mode [Disabled / enabled / dosen´t matter]

      OC Tuner [Keep Current Settings]

      Performance Bias [Auto]

      VDDCR CPU Voltage [Offset mode]

      VDDCR CPU Offset Mode Sign [+]

      VDDCR CPU Offset Voltage [0.07500]

      VDDCR SOC Voltage [Offset mode]

      VDDCR SOC Offset Mode Sign [+]

      VDDCR SOC Offset Voltage [0.20000]

      DRAM Voltage [1.35000]

      1.05V SB Voltage [Auto]

      2.5V SB Voltage [Auto]

      CPU 1.80V Voltage [Auto]

      VTTDDR Voltage [Auto]

      VPP_MEM Voltage [Auto]

      VDDCR CPU Load Line Calibration [High]

      VDDCR SOC Load Line Calibration [Regular]

      VDDCR CPU Power Phase Control [Optimized]

      VDDCR CPU Switching Frequency [200]

      Target TDP [Auto] (If you don´t have this option, just ignore it)



      DRAM CAS# Latency [15]

      Trcdrd [17]

      Trcdwr [17]

      DRAM RAS# PRE Time [17]

      DRAM RAS# ACT Time [35]

      ProcODT [40 Ohms]


      I hope this will help some, until you get a final Bios with propers SPD Supoort, without edditing.