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    Problem with games that uses id tech engine and 17.7.2 crimson driver


      Hi guys,


      I have a weird problem. I have Doom (2016), Wolfenstein: the new order and Dishonored 2 installed on my pc but I had not played them since last driver update (17.7.2).

      So after the update every game I played worked ok and today i decided to play Doom, it starts at 640x480 resolution but i can revert it using the ingame menu. I thought it was weird so I started other games I had not played since updating. Dishonored 2 and Wolfenstein presented the same problem but worse: in these games is not possible to change the resolution.


      I tried many games since updating and only these three have this problem and all of them use some kind of id tech engine. Is this a known issue? I can not fathom what's happening.