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Blank/black screen

Question asked by eriadorian on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by roemer_v

hi folks,

I've have a

Dell XPS 8700

Windows 10 64

Intel i7-4790 16GB

Dell ST2220L(Analog)


with a


AMD Radeon(TM) R9 270


gpu for two years. For most of those 2 trouble-free years I was using the CCC driver.


Last week I was playing Team Fortress 2 on Steam and I got patterns of colored pixels on the screen and my computer locked up. It happened a couple of times playing TF2, so I ran a dell video test and it crashed  (first with a thread stuck in device driver stop code and then system service exception code).


Since then I've been following the advice in this and other forums.


Ran several dell diagnostics which were okay.

Did a memtest86 and it was okay.

Made sure my drivers were up to date.

Upgraded my driver to Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2


That's when the fun started. After that upgrade I boot to the Dell splash/start page and instead of the Windows login page I get a black screen.

There's nothing I can do to get it out of the black screen - I have to restart in safe mode. (I tried to follow some instructions to login to windows blind but that doesn't work).


If I uninstall the amd driver I can normally start up my computer.


Since then I've done several clean reinstalls (using DDU). After one cleaning I tried the AMD Minimal Setup, the legacy CCC driver and I found the original Dell-supplied driver driver (ADM HD7870) which still gave me a black screen.


Right now I'm using the Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor. It allows me to use my computer for work, but not for games :-(


As far as I know, I did not update anything or change anything before this started.


Any ideas?




Best wishes,