Where are radeon settings/options? R7 250 and A8 7650K

Discussion created by heaps on Aug 18, 2017



I have recently got this PC and it only had the A8 7650K with R7 graphics (iGPU). In the hope of using dual graphics I purchased an R7 250 GPU. The dual graphics is impossible to get working even though the card is listed as compatible, this is due to the card being some kind of rebranded R9 M360. I have accepted this even though I feel misled.


However my real issue is now that I have no access to additonal radeon settings to control the A8 7650K and attempt to overclock it, aswell as perhaps doing the same for the R7 250.

The button for those settings has dissapeared since the GPU went in.


So, is there anyone here that can shed some light on this issue?


Any help is appreciated.

Thank you