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    [Share] Solution Installing AMD Display Adapter Freeze


      previous i start the thread, the probles is laptop freeze when installing amd driver crimsom/relive at Windows 10 Creator Update, Install display driver Freeze , today i try some solution and working to me it's the step:


      1. install latest intel driver (when you have that vga)

      2. Restart

      3. download amd-catalyst-15.7.1-win10-64bit and install


      5. Download Amd-Crimsom-16.5.3-win10-64 bit and install


      7. Finally download and instal latest relive amd driver


      It's work for me, i don't using DDU for this solution but recommended to using first. I hope this helps

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          Hi, thanks for your sharing. May I ask a few questions to clarify the process?

          1. The first step is to install the latest intel driver. Do I need to install it while using the Intel HD graphics VGA port but not AMD card port?

          2. Do I need to install these drivers while in safe mode?

          3. Actually I took your advice several months ago, to use the old driver (15.7.1) to avoid black screen. If I already installed 15.7.1 on my desktop, do I need to start from installing the latest intel driver? Or I just need to start by your step 5?

          Thank you in advance.


          Actually I tried to use DDU to clean my driver and installed Intel HD graphics driver with monitor dvi on AMD card, and that works fine for me. And then I installed 15.7.1 and restart and 16.5.3 and restart. All works fine. Then I download and install the latest driver, 17.9.3, which shows a black screen again. Could you tell me the driver version you are currently using? And how do you install it?

          Many thanks.