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    Black Rectangle Bug in AMD Drivers (Win 7, RadeonSettings.exe)


      Hi all


      More frustrations with AMD.


      I just found some more bugs in the current AMD drivers.

      When I install the AMD chipset Relive drivers, I start getting a black rectangle that gets displayed in the lower

      middle of the Desktop for a split second and then is removed again. This happens about every 5 minutes.

      After several days of hunting this down, I finally used the Task Manager and shot down the "RadeonSettings.exe"

      process and that did it.

      First off: Any application / process that auto-starts at bootup and cannot be disabled to do so in settings is ****.

      Second, when I shoot down "RadeonSettings.exe", that ***** black horrible rectangle stops ***** pestering me.

      I'm running Windows 7 SP1 x64 (the OS which AMD installers can't handle) with a Ryzen 1500X and all the

      newest AMD drivers for an ASRock X370 board and a MSI Radeon RX470 graphics card.


      God how I have started to hate PCs. In the last 20 years there has been a steady decline in PC driver

      (and operating system) quality. The point is now reached, where it is virtually impossible for

      anyone to install an operating system and use it, without countless drivers not working, corrupting

      and just plain ******* up. No wonder people stop buying PCs and instead go for Playstations

      and IPhones!!!!! :-(

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          I guess you are just extremelly unlucky.
          My experience toward the last 7 years with my actual build have been amazing.
          Now to your problem


          I am not sure, but I think there was a problem with this latest driver upon release.
          They re-released the driver sometime after to fix those windows 7 problems.


          You should try to remove the driver with DDU, (use the safe mode when asked).
          And re-download the 17.7.2 from the website and install and let me know how it gone.



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              It's not just this problem and this driver.

              It's ALL Windows 7 drivers from AMD.

              None of the installers work with a fresh copy of Windows 7.

              They all expect all the current Windows 7 Updates.

              Really, what they do are Windows 10 drivers with a few crude hacks that

              might do the most basic things to make them work on Windows 7 (with

              all current updates and Hotfixes, etc.).

              When a driver is labled as for Windows 7, I expect it - and its installer -

              to work with a fresh copy of Windows 7 the way it shipped at the date

              it was released to the public. Not some date in the future after that.

              These are basics.


              As to the black rectangle problem: No: I don't think downloading this

              driver again will change anything, as this, version 17.7.2 is the exact

              driver that is causing the problem.

              Until AMD fixes the driver, downloading and installig the identical driver

              again will not fix anything.

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                  All of the current drivers work great with Win7....just the people with OS that are not updated have issues. I won't waste my (or your) time trying to explain why a OS has to be updated (people like this is why we have Win10 with no choice about updates) but consider the fact. Your computer will not work correctly without them. Babble all you want on every forum in the world...and it still won't change the fact. Update your operating system.

                  Windows will not update after a fresh install

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                      That's a bunch of hogwash. If you were using Windows 7 instead of just mouthing off here, you'd know.
                      The AMD Crimson ReLive Driver 17.7.2 is *not* working great with Windows 7. It (the RadeonSettings.exe process) draws an ugly black rectangle to a fully up-to date Windows 7 SP1 OS with X370 chipset, Ryzen 5 CPU and an RX470 graphics card (4 GB) for a split second (enough to be really noticeable and ugly) every 5 minutes or so.


                      And about your lacking explanation that an OS should supposedly be updated before instaling drivers:

                      With all due respect kingfish, you are either not very smart or not thinking or both:
                      The whole purpose of a driver is to get a piece of hardware operational and thus a computer into working and operating condition. Doing a Windows Update requires a computer to already be in operating condition. It's not the other way around. One of the reasons for this is, that to do a Windows Update, you need an operational Network Interface. For this Network Interface you need a driver. Without a driver, you can't operate the Network Interface card and hence, can't do an online Windows Update.

                      So no, to install drivers for new hardware, you *DO NOT NEED A FULLY UP TO DATE* operating system. It's exactly the other way around: An operating system becomes operational by installing working, functional drivers. Only then can you do the fine tuning, once the hardware is actually operating, and worry about security risks and updates (such as to installed hardware drivers) such as Windows Updates. You really MUST install the drivers first, then worry about updates. NOT the other way around. Everything else is a crude hack.

                      An installer that relies on the very newest tweaks by Microsoft already installed (such as a gazillion versions of .NET) simply did not do it's homework. AMD is falsely assuming that EVERYONE who installs Windows 7 based drivers is running an old system, that has had an AMD Ryzen installed since 2003 when Windows 7 came out (who cares that Ryzen is only out since this year, right?), and was continually updated since then. In other words, AMD does not assume that with the new Ryzen and new X370 and other chipset motherboards, someone would actually BUILD A NEW PC with that new hardware and consequentially, actually install a new operating system from scratch... Which in turn, requires the installation of hardware drivers BEFORE doing any Windows Updates.

                      That's plain stupid or lazy or both.


                      If you'd have tried to explain your answer, I'm sure you'd have figured this out yourself and could have saved yourself the time typing it, because then you would have seen your error.