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Asus rx480 8gb crashing/freeze/black screen

Question asked by acemi85 on Aug 17, 2017

Hi everbody;


I have interesting problem. I bought used Asus rog strix rx 480 8gb. it has been crashed when make mining, benchmark test etc. I flashed orginal rom and a lot of custom rom with atiwinflash but problem not solved. I changed Wattman settings you can see as follow, the problem has been solved and mining, benchmark test work great.





I see sensors on GPU-Z it is stable.




I need new custom bios like Wattman settings. I use PolarisBiosEdiot and I modify settings but black screen or crash problem still continue when not use wattman. I dont want to use wattman setting. I would use own bios setting cause of mining on Linux


I think problem cause by "Gpu only Power Draw" or Memory Controller Load.. Stable picture"GPU only Power Draw" value is 72 W and Memory Load %87 but custom bios power value is 78, memory %99 as below



How can I modify custom rom for Asus Rx 480 like Wattman settings? Could you please modify my bios rom like wattman?