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Why doesn't DX 12 work in my RX Vega 64?

Question asked by dhewton on Aug 17, 2017
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Bought RX VEGA 64 yesterday. Discovered that anything that uses DX 12 does not work. I can hear Rise of Tomb Raider in back ground but screen goes black. Time Spy; screen goes black but can hear it fine. Anything that uses DX 12 gives me black screen. In Rise of Tomb raider, it runs in DX 11, but when in DX 12, the main start menu screen goes black, but can hear music and when I mouse over where the buttons are I can hear them make sounds.


Anyone else have this problem?


17.30.1051 is what I have currently




My computer:


rx vega 64

windows 10 64 bit

amd fx 8320

8gb ram


Crimson 22.19.666.1 (beta) This is the only driver AMD makes available that I can see on their site.

Asus M5A99FX pro r 2.0 bios 2501

EVGA 1000 watt

Toshiba hdmi to hdmi 60hz 1920x1080


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