R9 290 Stuck with CCC 13.1206.1603.28764 Driver

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First of all: Sorry for my bad english.


I stuck with 13.12 driver because i the newer drivers give me 1/2 of my usual 13.12 FPS.

With 13.12 i have in Overwatch 70+ FPS with any newer driver only 25-30 FPS.

With 13.12 i have in Rocket League 100+ FPS with any newer driver only 30-40 FPS.

With 13.12 i have in (Put your game here) more FPS with any newer driver

Specially the Crimson drivers makes it way worse.


Now more and more new games tell me: My driver is to old to play, install a newer one.


Everytime when a new driver is aviable i try it out and hope this issue would be fixed.

Everytime i went back to 13.12.


I can't upload any video because i don't have a record program and the time to do this.

And for only screenshots i don't want to reinstall drivers if its not necessary. (Because it is so damn time consuming)

I always deinstall my drivers with DDU.


After a few years now i decided to make a post to hopfully get fixed my issue.


Desktop System with Win 7 Ult. 64


Mobo: Asus A88X-Plus

Bios Rev:3003


GrCa: Sapphire R9 290

Driver: CCC 13.1206.1603.28764


CPU: AMD A10-7850k


RAM: Kingston DDR3 1333MHZ 4x4GB = 16GB


Display1: Samsung S24D330

Display2: Fujitsu L22W-1


Power Supply: CobaNitrox Nobility CN-900 NS 85+, 900W