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fglrx driver?

Question asked by giorgos on Aug 17, 2017



Does someone knows anything related to fglrx driver? (The amd driver for linux).


The latest one has released 2y. ago and (obviously) don't supports the current X Windows (xorg).

Seems like the open source driver is some alternative but it is known that don't work on every single system.


Now what??? 

What are our options?


I heard (but I didn't try it) that Arch Linux still supports fglrx in its repositories (and has good support for the open source driver), I doubt though that the Arch way of doing things (KISS) is for the average linux user (although that there are Arch based distros with automation tools).

Anyone tried these distros? If so, what's his experience about fglrx?


Any other distro with fglrx support?


I suppose (in the long term)  buying a cheap nvidia graphic card is the only way of going on (because amd seems like it don't support linux any more (at least for it's cheaper cards)).

What's your take?

How do you deal with this deadly incident?