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      Hi ~

      I am a user who loves AMD RADEON VGA CARD living in Korea.

      I can not speak English because I am Korean.

      So we are getting help from the Google translation program.



      Please understand if English is strange ㅠ - ㅠ



      I am currently using the RX480 and two RX VEGA64s I bought today.



      And I am using old TV CARD called ONAIR GT (https://www.amazon.com/OnAir-GT-Mobile-Receiver-HDTV-GT/dp/B000GGQ55M/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=FEC7Z4DPQ1R8M0S2KKFB).



      I used the ONAIR GT TV CARD from Crimson Driver 16.10.1 ~ 17.4.1 for RX480 without any problems.



      However, since Crimson Edition 17.4.2 Optional, you can not use TV CARD as a serious bug.



      If you turn off the monitor while watching ONAIR GT after 17.4.2,

      The video and audio of TV CARD are blocked and an error is generated and forced termination.



      This is a symptom that has never been seen before "16.10.1 ~ 17.4.1".



      Has anything changed since 17.4.2?



      Problems occur between 17.4.2 ~ 17.7.2 ㅠ - ㅠ



      So I bought a new RX VEGA64 today.



      But oh my god .. RX VEGA64 has the same bug.

      RX VEGA64 driver is win10-64bit-radeon-rx-vega-software-17.30.1051-b6-aug7.exe


      If you install the VEGA 64 driver, turn on the TV CARD, and then turn off the monitor, the audio and video of the TV CARD will be cut off and forcibly terminated.

      Stand by signal seems to be abnormal.

      I want a quick fix.




      16.10.1 ~ 17.4.1  ONAIR GT normally.



      At 17.4.2 ~ 17.7.2 I can not turn off the monitor.



      AMD engineers, please solve it. I waited months, but the symptoms did not go away.


          Have you tried updating to the last known driver for the Autumnwave OnAir GT? Found this driver from 2016, don't know if this may help with it working better with the latest AMD drivers. Autumnwave Onair Gt Driver - potmuviw . Otherwise, I would just go back to the last known good driver that worked instead of updating it. But since you purchased the AMD Vega (Hence need to install latest driver), you may need to purchase a new TV card. I use Hauppauge TV card (PCIe card) that is over 7 years old and compatible with Windows 10, it worked fine the last time I updated my AMD drivers when I had a AMD GPU card in 2017.


          Also, If you turn off your monitor, what do you use to watch TV with?  How many monitors do you have connected to your three AMD GPU cards and how are they connected?


          This is from AMD Vega Driver page;

          Known Issues

            • Radeon WattMan may not reach applied overclock states.
            • 3DMark®Firestrike may experience an application hang during GT2 test.
            • The "Reset" option in Radeon Settings Gaming tab may enable the "HBCC Memory Segment" feature instead of setting it to the default disabled state.
            • A limited number of HDR enabled TV's may experience intermittent HDMI signal loss.
              • Windows Media Player may experience an application hang during video playback if Radeon ReLive is actively recording desktop.

          Don't know if your Monitors are HDR enabled.

            • Re: ONAIR GT TV CARD ERROR

              When I am sleeping, the monitor should be turned off when scheduled recording to ONAIR TV is active.

              While I am sleeping, ONAIR TV will record in the background and the monitor must be turned off to save power on the monitor. T-T

              Or if you turn off the monitor when you see another task for a while, ONAIRTV, which is in operation, will be terminated with an error.

              These bugs have occurred since Crimson Driver 4.2.

              Bugs from 4.2 to 7.2 occur.

              This is a symptom that did not exist before 4.1.

              I hope that the driver compatibility back to 4.1 will be restored. T-T

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              To me, this looks more like you needing to get updated drivers for the TV tuner card.

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                Seems like a problem of incompatibility between that TV Card and AMD drivers..
                Probably AMD won't be fixing that problem, and that tv card is the one that needs to update..
                So I wouldn't build big hopes for it to get fixed. but who knows..



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                    4.1 There was no problem before. T-T

                      We would appreciate it if an AMD technician solves the problem.

                    I have been living in pain because of this problem since April.

                    I have been using it for close to 10 years and it is difficult to abandon the familiar ONAIR TV interface. T-T

                    I tried to use a Hauppauge TV card but the interface is too hard. T-T

                      • Re: ONAIR GT TV CARD ERROR

                        I know..
                        But sometimes it needs to exist parternership between the problems..
                        For example.
                        Sometimes appears problems with Adobe software..
                        Some problems are fixed with adobe updates, others are fixed by AMD.
                        Since ONAIR don't even exist anymore, it would be really lucky if that card would work again with any recent driver..
                        Things for the better or for the worse, change and sometimes we get affected by it.