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What is the average high and low temp of the Threadripper 12 core CPU's?

Question asked by jay19 on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by wynn357

I'm using a recommended Corsair H80i liquid cooler and Corsair link to monitor temperatures. The cooler has a round copper base and does not fully cover the CPU. When I put the Threadripper under load (Like 3D Rendering) the temps jump to around 90C, (idles at about 63C) But my Corsair cooler temp stays around a constant 33C. I also checked for good contact with the CPU and cooler base, and it looks good. So I have a feeling due to the lack of CPU cooler coverage there may be an issue in getting a correct CPU temp reading.


Q: Any body have any info on the temps they are getting at idle and under load, are my temps I'm getting normal?


Q: Are there any good apps for monitoring AMD CPU temps that are possibly more accurate?


Threadripper 12Core

Windows 10Pro  64Bit

AsRock X399 Tiachi

EVGA 1080Ti