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    Troubleshoot needed!


      My issue is, it surged in a few hours back... i was using the afterburner app beta version, but since is not compatible with the new AMD drivers 17.7.2, i decide to remove it from my pc, the issue start here, when i try to use Youtube on Chrome Canary, i can no longer go fullscreen in videos with any resolution, the image simple freeze and i have to force shutdown chrome, if i try to putt some theme the Chrome freeze and if i try clean cache or whatever it freezes, forcing me to shutdown the chrome every time...


      What i try to fix

      - reinstall afterburner

      - Clean drivers in safe mode with DDU and reinstall again

      - reinstall chrome Canary

      - go to settings and messing with Flash config


      None fix the issue and dont know what to do... Firefox, MEdge and others works well, just Chrome is screwed, even try to report to google the issue, since is a known issue, but with no sucess,  they are more dumm then my dog.


      I´m using Windows 10 X64 Pro Creator update.

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          Have you disabled hardware acceleration in the browser?

          Screenshot_2 (4).png

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            Afterburner has a setting to cause persistence in driver overrides, if that is not unchecked before uninstall I noticed it can stay in the registry and then cause no OCsettings to stick via Wattman or other utils.  You might try reinstalling, unchecking the box, applying, then uninstalling as normal, then you might have to clean install drivers all over again, I know a pain, but it might help.  Also some users are reporting success with underclocking to achieve stability, through wattman.  I've been tinkering and have noticed improvement as well.  Memory clocks seem to be unstable or mistreported, even now my main clock is very unstable and bouncing heavily and I'm getting 200mv spikes in voltage every second, temps are ok, but something isn't right....





            Good luck, and Cheers!



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                ty for the tip, but did nothing, and i use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall afterburner and Advanced System care to verify the registry, so its clean...


                Anyway Chrome Support already answear me and they say that the fix come in next build of canary, lets see.

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                    No worries, sorry it didn't help, but if Google is aware then they are on it I'm sure.  If you check your flags in canary you can set GPU options in about:flags.  Anyway, sorry you're struggling, hope it gets going for you soon.  For the record, I LOVE Canary too, unfortunately I can't use it on my main rig as it messes up my fan  controller badly, it's so weird, but it has to do with the localhost loopback and it interferes with how my controller communicates with the system and the monitoring software...lame-O.  Lol.  Cheers!



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                  I'm sure it is, and you know the canary builds are fast, so no worries mate!  Happy surfin'!






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                    Well, i fixed the issue.



                    - Remove Chrome Canary with IObit Uninstaller


                    - Go to C:/Programs and delete the Google folder if is there
                    - Go to /ProgramData and delete the chromium and Google folder if is there
                    - Go to /AppData/Local and delete the google folder if is there
                    - Go to /AppData/Roaming and delete Google folder if is there

                    - Reinstall Chrome Canary and done


                    Its now working again

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