AMD GPU and Future

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I recall a phone conversation that i had way way back with ATI in regards to one of there products .

Basically I mentioned to them that it seemed like ATI was no longer interested in GPU's and didn't take 3DFX  seriously.

I said them , you better start focusing on your GPU future and make it a priority or you will not have one.


Well not long after that a Company called Nvidia purchased 3DFX and well the rest if as they say, History.

ATI was bought out by AMD.

I again send many many emails and stated multiple times on the Forums that  AMD needs to take there GPU division seriously and make it a priority if it wanted to be a player in the future.


AMD hired some very shallow and ill informed CEO's and what not and basically ran there ATI now AMD division down to the ground to the point that there Drivers were so drastically awe full and not compiled for the games on the market that every time a NEW game came out , it was pathetic how badly it compared to Nvidias on a driver platform base alone. Nvidia just had the pored the resources into it and AMD, well did not.


AMD's CEO and the top brass could not care less about GPU's and they were only concerned there X86 CPU market.

Over the years AMD's GPU's became so outdated that it was getting hard not to feel down and how this once great GPU company had just been beat so far low to the ground it was sad to see.


I'm calling it right now again.  If AMD do not take there GPU division seriously then they are done in the Future.

Say what you will but  a BIG lesson they can all learn was from IBM whom at the time came out with Windows OS called OS/2.  They had a great OS but they focused only on BUSINESS and they assumed or thought that if they could get that market they would over shadow and take over from MS.  Sometimes these CEO's with there BIG Cars and Suites have no clue what they are doing.

MS went on the focus on the Consumer Market and rapidly became the PC go to for  personal computing. Even into the Business market.

IBM ?   They are lucky to even exist today. Let's be honest they made a MAJOR mistake.

The point is  AMD need to start thinking  MASS and making there product ( LIKE there GPU's)  for the Masses and GAMING is so so important for this.

If they do not , they will not and can not continue to try to compete  in this field for many more years  to come.


Yes now that Lisa Sue is there they have hired Raja and more GPU programmers and staffing and have now evened the field on Drivers or bettered NVidia in that sense. But it is sad that it took them this long to get to this point in the first place. PC  GAMING is not going anywhere and the stupid people stating that PC gaming is dying should quit there jobs and get into another field.

PC gaming is only to get bigger and bigger and right now there exists only 2 players in this field .  If AMD do not pour more time and resources into getting better staff and engineers into there GPU division , well it might be only NVIDIA in the future.


I know it is a long rant but it is very disheartening for me to see A COMPANY i love  just not make more of an effort  to better it's self.

Here is hoping that LISA Sue see's  the writing on the WALL and recognizes that they need to bring in another Jim Keller of GPU's  instead of CPU's or someone that can assist RAJA on how to make a product much better then Nvidias counter part.