After two years of suffering . . I fixed it! (screen freezes while installing amd driver)

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Hello guys!


As you see in the title, i had a problem and I've fixed it by myself, after I tried all what i have read about the problem, nothing worked for me exept the fix that i'll tell you about.


I've noticed that the problem is very popular with Lenovo notebooks (g510 in my case).


The problem simply is your screen is going to freeze while installing any amd new driver "new drivers I mean from 17.3.2 and up" and you'll not be able to trun off your computer. You need to pull the plug out to turn it off.


I just wanted to to explian what the problem is.


The soloution "steps":


Frist of all, you should delete anything realted to your intel+amd graphics card drivers, do this by DDU  and make sure to do these two processes both in the safe mood, and reboot ur computer after each step.


Also delete the amd folder from the C.




1- download and install intel chipsets drivers. you can find them on google (intel chipsets utlity)  and install the drivers accroding to your O.S. even if you have these drivers on ur computer, update them by installing the newr version



2- install lastest intel graphics driver from intel website.

reboot of course.


3- (very important): Install an old amd driver, I prefer amd radeon 16.6.2 or 16.7.2.

It is going to install without any problem. now reboot.


4- by now, you can install any amd new driver! the lastest driver or what ever you want.


Me and a lot of people were suffreing with this from years, my friend has the same problem and the same laptop, I send him these steps and everything works good with him now, which I hope for everyone.


I hope experts explian to us why this is happening ? and where is the problem from ? amd or Lenovo Laptops ?