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Multiple Options for "Enhanced Sync"?

Question asked by benchart on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2017 by niquist

Hello AMD PR Team and users.


For years I have been waiting for AMD to implement a similar feature to "Adaptive Vsync" and lately the "Fast Sync" from the "Green Team".
Enhanced Sync can do both of the above, but unfortunally we can't specify if we just want one option or another.


Let me explain a little better and sorry for the comparations with the green team, but that's the most effective way to compare and show what I would love too see in the Radeon Software.


The Green Team Adaptive Vsync.. Locks the game's framerate to refresh rate of the screen, and when the framerate drops from the target refresh rate, it disables temporarilly the Vsync and let the tearing go to the screen until the framerate gets back to the refresh rate. So basically:
60HZ Screen with 60 FPS= Perfectly Synced
60HZ Screen with <60 FPS = Tearing (Vsync OFF) until it gets back to 60FPS.


The Green Team Fast Sync.. Vsyncs the game with a some sort of triple buffering solution, so games can go above the refresh rate and still tearing is not displayed or greatly reduced. It causes some extra input lag compared to Vsync OFF, but it's far from the high values of Vsync ON.


Now to the AMD solution with a 60HZ Screen
Enhanced Sync when the framerate is above the 60FPS it has the same effect as the Green Team Fast Sync.
When it drops from the 60FPS it causes tearing disabling the Vsync similar to what the Green Team Adaptive Vsync does.


My ideia is that since Enhanced Sync can be both things from the Green Team.
I would love to get some extra option in the Enhanced Sync Menu..


Something like:
Enhanced Sync (Normal): It would work as it is now!
Enhanced Sync (Limit to Refresh Rate): It would limit the FPS to the target refresh rate so, it would lock to 60FPS (60HZ Screen) and when it was below the target, it would tear (similar to the Green Team Adaptive Vsync.
Enhanced Sync (Limit to Half Refresh Rate): Same as above but with half refresh, so in case of a 60HZ Screen, it would cap to 30FPS.


I think it's a nice suggestion to include on the Feature's Voting, I would love to see this feature, and dispite the Freesync being great, I'm still not ready to get rid of my screen, and knowing that Enhanced Sync can do pretty much all of this but just don't have the options to limit to one option or another, it seems that half of the work is already done for AMD Engineers so it could be easilly implemented (or at least it seems so)