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    Betrayed by AMD


      I am extremely disapointed and feel betrayed by AMD.

      I began telling my clients to buy AMD stocks when it was trading at $4.54 on nasdaq. I knew with Vega and Ryzen coming, AMD was about to turn the computer world upside down both with cpu's and gpu's.

      Vega is finally here and canadian retailers are selling it for 200$ more than your suggested price. I can now buy a zotac nvidia 1080 for 724.00. 100.00$ less than the vega but at almost twice the power consumption.

      For the 630$ MSRP, Vega is a monster and a no brainer purchase, but at 840.00 as it is in canadian stores, its cheaper to buy an nvidia 1080.

      I have been planning to buy this card and a 1700x and a threadripper and have been waiting and waiting and waiting.

      Now that Vega is here, I can't help but feel that AMD is on the price increase at the retailers. If I can't get it from you direct at the price you say, I don't see how it can be seen as anything other than you being in on it.

      Vega costing MORE than a 1080 is a slap in the face and it now has me rethinking my cpu purchases. The edge you brought to the table has evaporated and this has left a VERY bad taste in my mouth and makes me wonder why I advised my clients to invest in your company.

      I live in Richmond Hill, Canada, and appreciate your contribution to our local economy, but I can't get the bad taste in my mouth about Vega out, and I was looking forward to buying a vega and a number of your products.

      This is not how to maintain solid customer retention. I am very disappointed that I now have to settle for Nvidia, and wonder if I should be giving Intel a chance to sharpen their pencils.

      I was a huge AMD fanboy I guess, and this was the last straw for me. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That's all anyone can ever ask.

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          AMD has no control over what retailers decide to price their products at.

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            Hello  Dhewton,


            So???? Why do you have to settle for Nvidia Again?????? If you did have the money to drop on the new Vega would you? Granted prices can be a tad hard to swallow, but as BZ said, pricing is the retailers doing not AMD, Ryzen, etc. One would think you would be use to that by now. I have always used AMD and even if I could pick up an Nvidia card for less then what I was willing to pay, I still don't think I would, They would have to practically give an Nvidia card to me to put one in my computer.

            Now in saying that I wouldn't want to be taken to the cleaners on a new GFX card either but again as said that is the retailers doing, sounds like your going to have to do some soul searching if not Kiss that Blarney Stone a few Times.


            As the old saying goes, " You attract more flies with honey, then you do with vinegar "



            Stick to your guns, no one can fault you for that, however, if you had good luck with AMD for many years, then I say, do what you can on a deal with the retailer, Don't switch your ranks so easily over a $. If one does that, this isn't loyalty it is called being a parasite and opportunist.


            Cheers & Good Luck, Ambrose


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