Running OpenCL on RX VEGA on Ivy Bridge with AMDGPU-PRO

Discussion created by matszpk on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by bridgman

Hi. I have some doubts about running OpenCL on Radeon RX VEGA under older processors (like my Core i5 3470 (Ivy bridge) that does not support required features by ROCm platform) under Linux. I know that new AMDGPU-PRO drivers incorporates some components from ROCm platform to deliver OpenCL driver. Does this ROCm component is required to run OpenCL application on RX VEGA? If yes, does this ROCm component can be run on older processors (like my processor)? When OpenCL will be more usable under Linux and RX VEGA? There are my question. I am planning to buy RX VEGA for computing (BOINC, mining or other computing) and I would like to know whether RX VEGA computing is possible on my system. Due to lacks on my processor I can not run ROCm on my system.