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RX470 and Vizio M65-E0 with HDMI and 17.7.2

Question asked by arnst on Aug 15, 2017

Bought a Vizio M65-E0 a week and a half ago and connected it to my RX470 through HDMI with drivers 17.7.2. I never had a problem with my old 1080p 50" TV but with this TV I started to have random dropouts and flickering where the screen would go snowy white and then green for 2-4 seconds. This would happen once every hour to twice in 3 minutes etc, with no real way to reproduce the problem since it was really random. At first I thought it was the HDMI cable so I replaced my old one with a few others that were "HDMI premium certified" but the problem kept appearing. Thought the TV was defective so after a few days I exchanged it with a new one and I had the same problem. So last night after a week and a half of trying to figure it out, I decided to try an older version of the Radeon drivers (16.11.5) and I've been problem free ever since.  The first time I had auto update enabled and it upgraded me to 17.1.1 and the problem came back. Downgraded back to 16.11.5 and everything is fine so far, one day in and no flickering or dropouts. Hopefully this issue will be addressed by AMD for future driver releases of 17.x.x.