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Radeon HD7750 + 3 monitors

Question asked by vklm on Aug 15, 2017



Have next question.

I use next configuration: Radeon HD7750 (miniDisplayPort + miniHDMI + DVI) with factory miniHDMI to HDMI and miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort adaptors (were in the box with card) + triple monitors HP 1965 (DVI) + Win10 Pro + latest Radeon drivers and software.

Each monitor connected via DVI adaptor (DP-DVI, HDMI-DVI, DVI-DVI).

PC normally detecting 2 monitors + 1 undetected. But as I use Eyefinity feature it detects and arrange 3rd monitor as well.

But after some random periond of time, one of the monitors are dissappearing. Randomly as well. And system cannot found it, except 2 monitors.

After several attempts of restarting it appears again.

Can somebody tell me what's a problem? It works well, but randomly 3rd monitor is dissappearing.


Regards, Vadym