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      plzzzzz answer my question help meeeeeeeeee

      hoiw can use best setting enhanced sync on 60hz monitor ? frame rate lock ? chill max and min ? and other option in global setting in amd software


      cpu core i3-4160

      win 7

      gpu rx470 strix 4gb

      mainboard : asus h81m-c    bios 3501

      ram 8gb

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            Enhanced Sync on a 60Hz monitor is best simply set to active.

            If your Framerate is > 60Hz (60 FPS) then it will simply not post it to the Display (Giving a V-Sync Experience) while if it's Below, it will allow Tearing to the Nearest Frame to reduce Frame Latency and Tearing to an Absolute Minimum.


            In essence it's a lot like Triple Buffer V-Sync without the Input Latency or instant drop to 30 FPS when you drop below 60.

            There's literally zero reason to not always have it on.


            IF you want to have quieter gaming as well, set the FRTC to 62 FPS... the reason you don't want 60 is because it'll typically not be reactive enough and result in unwanted frame dips below 60. Yet you'll still get the same basic benefits of your card somewhat idling on games it crushes in performance.

            You know a quick Google / Bing search would've brought up half a dozen Tech Sites that explain this just as quickly and easily.

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              Fix your post, dont demand answers.


              Google it.

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                First thing.
                This is not a AMD support forum, this is an AMD Community Forum, where users talk about the problems or any subject that might come into the ideia.
                We can report stuff in here, but nothing garantee us of recieving a reply.


                Then.. having titles like ANSWER ME!!! ?!?! with all the symbols possible like a spam Kid, if this was my forum it was instant ban for you.


                Now to the answers, I have no ideia of what you want to know.
                Enhanced sync basically creates some sort of vsync when you are above the 60FPS, so basically it isn't as responsive as with Vsync OFF, but still it is more responsive than with Vsync ON. So you could use it when the framerate is above the 60FPS. Like leyvin said, it's an improved triple buffering but without the extra input lag


                Now, if the game drops from the 60FPS, the enhanced sync automatically drops the Vsync and you start to receive tearing, this happens to prevent that input lag would be a lot big. So it's a good thing.
                If you intend to use enhanced sync in a competitive game, don't frame lock a game, just leave it reach the maximum framerate possible.



                As for chill, I wouldn't use it in a competitive game, altough maybe for a slow online game like a MMORPG, that could be a nice thing to use.


                You need to be more specific with the questions.

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                    In my experience so far, it has been best to let the game engines/settings use an "UNLOCKED/UNCAPPED" frame limit, allowing Enhanced sync to do it's job without interference or fighting with other settings.  In theory it could be optimal to use the setting in conjuction with FRTC- Frame Rate target control.  For me, I usually have to set FRTC to about 70hz, as my monitor is 65Hz Refresh, this allows enough room for Enhanced sync to do its work and assist as well in not letting the frames dip below the 65 mark, but honestly for the best performance I've found letting the game go uncapped/unlocked and using just Enhanced sync on it's own has yielded the best results visually and input lag wise.  Hope this helps.