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why is my ryzen 5 1400 showing 3.8gz in bios

Question asked by jackalbean on Aug 15, 2017
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Recently built my computer and I'm having these random crashes when playing games, The screen goes black and say no signal, my mouse and keyboard both turn off but the fans keep spinning and the light on my GPU stays lit and also my case lights stay on.

First times it did this is when I tried livestreaming UEBS, the game ran fine the stream ran smooth but 10 mins down the road....... CRASH!! 2nd time was playing rocket league livestreaming and didn't even get to finish one match before crash. I counted both them as a crashes due to streaming. 3rd and most recent crash I was playing BF1 no stream, no multiplayer and it happened again, wait a good 10 mins to see if it calmed down before resetting. after reset it boots up fine no error message


Here is my build


Asus prime b350 plus

Ryzen 5 1400

Gtx 1050ti

Corsir 550w psu

8GB ram

This is all new parts within the last 2/3weeks,


Already been through somany forums and couldn't find any answers apart from PSU so I did some deeper digging


I run Furmark on 1080 and it ran smooth no overheating no crashing, to try and rule out the fact it maybe GPU causing the crash. I went on to run cinebench and first test openGL test went well, low temp and no crash. CPU test on the other hand didn't go so well, half way through ish crash! Screen, Keyboard and mouse all go down and the windows doorbell when you unplug a usb while all the fans spin like crazy, temps was 53c ran this multiple times and it was same story 51-54c crash zone. Now would this also sway towards PSU been faulty??


I have looked to see if there was and out of date ryzen drives and couldn't find any, but downloaded the amd ryzen master program. It is reading on the amd master my speed is 3.80ghz but on the but on the website it says base is 3.2 and max is 3.4ghz. Why is this? I have never overclocked anything before and don't want to start now, would my MoBo add its own sort of boost to cause this higher reading?


I have never used any overclocking programms before and don't understand it all to be honest and iv never applied any sort of overclock to my system


I just run cinebench on the so called stock settings and once again as a suprize it's cashed about half way thou at 50c on its 3.8gz so I used the ryzen master and turn core clock speeds down to the 3.2gh the box says it would be running and guess what! No crash,  I poked around in the bios without changing anything it's also saying there that my cpu is running 3.8 so I believe e that my MoBo is boosting it, does this sound like something that may happen