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    Dual Graphics. Wich driver to choose?


      first of all, sorry for my bad english, I am from Chile.


      Dear AMD team,


      along with greet, I am writting with regard to wich driver to choose for my computer. Is a HP Pavilion 15 and he has a dual graphic video card; AMD Radeon HD 7620G (Primary, integrated) and a AMD Radeon (TM) m260 (Linked, dedicated). My question goes to know which driver to use for maximum performance on my pc, AMD Catalyst (legacy) or AMD Crimson reLive as they suggest some programs like EasyDriver or services like Driverscloud.com ex My-config. Please help me know what to install and how to use my video card and also to know how it works, if the second card is automatically activated when it is needed, or any important information.

      Thank you very much in advance, grettings.


      César Valenzuela
      University student