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Sapphire 390 nitro high cpu usage in Idle and crash

Question asked by alexbarov on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2017 by alexbarov

Hi Guys


this story starts when I decided to change thermal pad and thermal paste to my 390, first time I changed only thermal paste but the temperature still was high, then using gpu-z I saw that the vrms were too high(about 70/75°) then I changed also thermal pad( using Arctic thermal pad with 1 mm thickness). During the second operation of thermal pad change, I saw little scratches on gpu(very little), ok I put the new pads on vrm and gpu memory and close the heatsink(and re change thermal paste).

Well, I installed gpu in the case and re installed driver, now begins problems. After few minutes of low gpu usage, using sapphire trixx programm, gpu usage increases up to 97% and the gpu

temperature increase in few seconds up to sistem crash. I tried to change settings from trixx, for example power supply up to 10% and seems work properly but after I launch Games gpu go in crash.

I cannot find the solution, I do not know if I have done physical damage to the gpu or is just a software problem, what's your advice?


Thank you