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    R5 1600X or R7 1700X?


      I guess the primary concern is two things:

      1) The very existence of the R5 - in a very, very objective perspective...it's a defective R7. Don't get me wrong, I was sold on it up until a friend of mine mentioned lanes and not having enough headroom without a R7.

      2) Lanes - Will the combination of an R5 and X370 chipset handle an M.2 SSD and (x2) GPU's? Should I be concerned? At my local computer parts shop, I can get an R5 1600X for $220, but can get an R7 1700X for $290...Should I fork out that extra $70? I know the two can perform almost exactly the same, so I guess it is a matter of core and lane count.


      I would like to 'moderately' future proof my new system. I have already bough all of the parts except for the CPU (waiting on next pay check). I went with the x370 chipset for a future crossfire/sli setup (and just 'cuz). I prefer AMD, of course, so probably 2 RX 580's or Vegas...we shall see what the future (next two months) holds. As of right now, because I got it super cheap, I have a GTX 1050ti. For the time being, it will work for my 1080p TV (yes, TV lol....QHD 144hz monitor to come). I put my build below. Thanks



      Asus ROG Strix X370-F

      Asus ROG Strix GTX 1050ti OC

      NZXT Kraken X62 AIO

      16GB, 3200Mhz G. Skill RAM

      Corsair MP500 120GB M.2 SSD

      1TB WD Blue HDD (more probable)

      Cosair HX750i PSU

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          here is your unswear


          Forget the prices...


          Just saying, i think is better not use that 1050ti

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              Appreciate the chart! However, I'd like to know what viewpoint you are coming from when you say "Forget the prices". Are you saying I don't need the extra 4 threads? Or that I should go with the R7?


              Also, I assume that the X370 will come with 16 threads..? yeah? lol. And then do junk math, 12(R5) + 16(X370) = 24 threads?

              So: 8(gpu1) + 8(gpu2) + 4(m.2) = 20 threads used?


              What would you recommend in the 1050ti's place? I got it for a steal and was looking today at maybe doing a little better but I told myself that if I was upgrading to a QHD powerhouse then why bother. Is this not sound logic? What is your reasoning with going against it? Thanks!

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                  When i say about the prices, is about the diference in countries, in my country the prices are not like that for exemple.


                  i didnt understand that math that you do, just go with R7 1700X 8 cores 16 threads, if you want more, you need the other new socket the TR4 (Ryzen Threadripper X399)


                  That 1050TI you can use it, but are not going to see good performance, that you are expecting on R7 1700X

                  For the replace the graphic card, since im in AMD side, i will go with RX580 modded (GTX 1060 6Gb), or RX vega 56 ( GTX 1070), or RX Vega 64 (GTX 1080), further (like GTX 1080TI) i think that you going to start to lose fps on the socket AM4 and thinking about crossfire or sli, you dont need that if you buy a good graphic card for now...

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                Think about it this way: The difference is $70, and you get 2 more cores and 4 more threads which will help in the future, and it's a higher end processor so the resale value will be higher. Yes in all likelihood the R5s are "defective" R7s, as in they didn't meet binning standards for the R7 series, but it's also possible they simply disabled two cores for segmentation, it's a common procedure in all electronics. As for PCI Express, you will be able to run dual graphics cards on the X370, but there's not really any reason to given the power of current high end graphics cards, and the declining MultiGPU market.

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                    Great response. I actually had no thought about resale..or even using it for a HTPC when it gets dated. Definitely going with the R7 1700X. And I wanted to be "able" to do crossfire. Not immediately, but as monitors improve, if like to simply slap another gpu in there and not need to do any accompanying upgrades..hence the 750w PSU.