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    APU can be used on phone


        I think  APU can be used on the phone. it  can  defeat iphone and Qualcomm.  a11  and s835 maybe strong  but, not enogouh. Some High graphics phone games  are lag, they only 15fps,and one day. I saw your apu,gpu+cpu like  smartphone core,so l think. APU can solve.  Gpu  and CPU are your Advantage.  Come on  just  tell me the reason. Vega and zen are powerful, it proves your strength。come on please tell me why


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          Desktop, laptop, and even tablet class APUs could never be used in phones due to power and thermal constraints. The Snapdragon 835 (which started as ATI Xilleon way back when, bet they're kicking themselves still about that), for example, uses under 5w of power, whereas the processor alone on an Intel Core M starts at 5w, and that doesn't include graphics, audio processor, and everything else integrated into the chip.




          Intel’s Cannon Lake is a bigger chip and its higher TDP makes it different from the Snapdragon 835 mobile SoC. Intel wants a much higher TDP. It starts with 5W for the Core M and goes all the way to 130 W for the high end desktop or server. A mobile SoC such as Snapdragon 835 stays in the 2.5 to 5W TDP range to fit  phones or tablets.

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