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    Time zone for Vega sales?


      Does anybody know when exactly RX Vega will be going on sale?  0001 EST, CST, PST?

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          Haven't seen any specific info yet.  Guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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            From what I have read/watched from "leaks" I think  it is 09:00 a.m. EST = same time as Performance Benchmarks Embargo lifts.
            I think you should look on newegg.com and amazon.com around that time.

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              It is 9:00 a.m. in South Korea. First AMD Vega Review and Benchmark is out.


              Details are here:



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                  Just on a side note, the manufacturers are offering different warranties. Sapphire only offers 2 years on the Vega 64, as does XFX and Powercolor. Gigabyte and MSI offer 3 year warranties according to the information on Newegg.  That's kind of a big selling point to me.

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                    Lots of Reviewers complaining they have been very pushed for time after Threadripper now Vega 56 and 64 and saying their reviews need more work ... but but here are the reviews I found ...

                    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 performance preview • Eurogamer.net


                    Vega 56 Review: BIOS Mods, Undervoltage, HBM vs. Core OC, & Indecision | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Bench…


                    The AMD Radeon RX Vega Review: Vega 64, Vega 64 Liquid, Vega 56 Tested | PC Perspective


                    I will keep looking.


                    The Liquid Vega 64 is not on sale here yet so far.

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                      I stand corrected ... The Vega 64 Liquid, Limited, and Black Edition are now available.
                      Now its time for me to read the reviews and convince myself I really need a Vega Liquid 64 Bundle Pack .... .
                      One thing I still wait for is the latest version of the Vega FE Drivers and reviews, they still have not released the updated Vega FE
                      drivers yet.
                      I will keep looking for more reviews.

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                        They look to be all sold out in the U.S.A.  - not sure how many were actually available, but they seem to be gone and have been for a while.

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                          I have started "shopping" but it turns out so far many are actually "pre-order" with delivery times of a few weeks.

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                            From Anantech review ... All available Vega 64's  sold out in 15 minutes!

                            As of 10am ET, Newegg's entire allocation of Vega 64 cards has sold through. This includes the stand-alone cards and the bundled cards. Indications are that Newegg's stock of cards sold through in under 15 minutes."

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                              The Anandtech review is an interesting read.  Essentially, you are getting GTX 1080 for about 150W extra from the wall.  Doesn't seem to have swayed buyers however, after Vega was delayed in part to ensure adequate stock, it looks like it has sold out from most online vendors.


                              Looks like we are likely to have more of X370 motherboard launch as opposed to a Ryzen 7 launch. 

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                                For those concerned about Vega being really good at Mining ... it looks like the Hash Rate is somewhere between 30-40 MH/s.
                                There are rumours of a new Mining optimised driver through...


                                I think it is looking pretty good so far for the Vega 54 versus GTX1070 in all the reviews. Also it looks to be a really good overclocker so far.


                                According to Gamers Nexus / Buildzoid the Vega 56/64/64 Liquid and Vega FE (Air/Liquid) all have the same power regulator, BIOS power limit override may be possible.


                                The RX Vega 64(Air) looks like it is ~ a tie with a GTX 1080, behind in DX11 and ahead in DX12 / Vulkan. with a blower style cooler.
                                I think this This bodes well when AIB cards come out with triple fan Vapor Chamber Coolers.


                                The RX Vega 64 (Liquid) is looking most interesting to me.  It seems to be between GTX1080Ti and GTX1080 performance overall.
                                So far though it does not overclock well. It looks like it is running at the limit already.


                                The RX Vega (AIR) is running at 10% faster than the Vega FE (Air).
                                So at least there has been performance improvements over the somewhat disappointing initial Vega FE Gaming Benchmarks. 
                                I look forward to see Vega FE (liquid) running new drivers.


                                I think there are lots of features in Vega Architecture that will not be exploited with the gaming Benchmarks seen so far.
                                I will be keeping an eye out for new game developments that make use of these new features.


                                Also likely that over next 3-6 months the AMD drivers will be worked on further and performance will likely increase.



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                                  It seems the Vega architecture is very similar to Fiji was far as diminishing returns goes.  The R9 Fury Nano gave 90% of the Fury X's performance on a 175W power limit versus 275W for the Fury X.  Vega is similar, raising the clock speed beyond the air cooled versions settings yield less than a 10% performance gain for the liquid cooled, but a massive power draw increase.


                                  The air cooled Vega 64 already pulls a similar amount of wattage from the wall as the GTX 1080 Ti, and over 100W more than the standard GTX 1080.  The Liquid cooled version sees those power draws climb over 500W in some cases for pretty minimal gains.  The performance of the liquid cooled version is likely the best Vega can do with clock speed increases alone, bringing it in line with factory overclocked GTX 1080s like the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X.  Couple that with the fact that the liquid edition only sells in bundles at $699 (more than a GTX 1080 Ti), that is a really tough sell.


                                  Overall, Vega 64 is about 30% faster than the R9 Fury X, which doesn't really justify an upgrade for me.  The Vega 56 is the most interesting however, because it can effectively be overclocking to perform almost identically with the Vega 64, and costs only $399 MSRP.  That is a pretty solid price/performance buy.  Couple that with the fact that R9 Fury X's still sell in the $300+ range on EBay, that would be almost a free upgrade.  I'll keep my eyes open and see if the Vega 56 crops up at MSRP when it launches.

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                                    Well, I wound up in class when they went on sale.  By the time I got out of class, they were all sold out.


                                    Later in the day I get a text from my wife with a newegg invoice for a Vega 64 and a Samsung 34" curved.


                                    I don't know how she did it.  Some kind of voodoo, but it is done!  Will have to wait for my water block to arrive from EK though.  I might modify my loop and just run air until the block comes to test things out.  #WINNING!

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