freesync is not made by amd ..60 fps and u want 144 noooooooo.....

Discussion created by rebelyell on Aug 13, 2017

I got to tell tou guys free sync  can only moderate a few breaf seconds of non acommidation.. so if you not running above or near game fps dont ask amd to help. amd dose not make or will ever make make your fail to make a pc to run high end. free sync is made to only briefly accomidate a short brief moment of loss packets. if you failed in your endever to buy in thinking to fix your problem you did not understand..... shortly freesync will only cover a brief moment or so of your  fail of pc to perform as monitor requires. so 144mhz you need 144 mhz plus and minus 15 fps or so briefly. same as gsync junk. if you think u need a reel feel of 3d you go sucked in buy corporates selling you. do not blame amd  for free sync as gsync for junk nvidia same problem. reed and learn or buy a pc that runs 144mhz constant which i cannot i dont have 5000 dollrs for that have a nice day..