Sometimes no one is perfect. I apologize . heed that i mean well, thanks.

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I call out myself as not being perfect. i made a statement that was uncalled for as for epyc cpu's ... i recall all an unjusted statements made by me. as most will not read i will just say it was a miss calcuzation on my part . and not redundant for most parties as i recall all of the common can still trust on me too give a high insight for all things as my knowledge will allow. in hopes i make 1 mistake i do understand it takes away 100 good fixes for all. so i just want all to see me as i am , i only hope to share and help others .. thats why i am here and for no other reason. Thank you..

by the way i dont spell crap right u get it . reason is its a rpc loop hole i wont allow and im sure u get it thanks.


they call me REBELYELL everywhere dig it.