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GPU (AMD Radeon R9 380) no longer detected after windows 10 update

Question asked by helloogavin on Aug 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by kingfish

I have never had a problem like this up until now. I was playing Grand Theft Auto V late last night and before I decided to log off and shut down i noticed I had a Windows 10 update so I chose the "Update & Shut Down" option. Now it's the next day and after installing the most recent Windows 10 update (64-Bit Windows 10 Pro, Version 1703, OS Build 15063.540) none of my games seem to be able to detect my graphics card.

     For example, When the GTA V launcher opens it says "Unable to initialize DirectX 9 Device," (even though I'm on DirectX 11.) Overwatch also now fails to launch and tells me that there is "No compatible graphics hardware found,"

     I'm not sure what to do to solve this problem, I built this PC myself a little over a year ago and have had 0 problems like this before on any of my computers. If anyone could give me any suggestions on how to fix this problem they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (Note: I have already made sure I have the most up to date AMD drivers but problem continues.)