This is just my luck, I guess...

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  I know not many of you will give a damn and that there will probably also be the occasional trolls, but here's my story.

  For more than a decade now I have been gaming on a fairly low-end PC consisting of an AMD Athlon II X2 and a Radeon 6770 and I've always wanted one of those dream PCs that I saw being built by various youtube channels such as Paul's Hardware, Linus Tech tips and so on. Now, an opportunity showed up for me to get out of my country and move to England in order to work and so I did. In 6 months time I've managed to save up over 2000£ and I bought all the parts you'll see in this picture:

  I apologize for the poor image quality since I took it with my phone and for the clothes in the background since I was too eager to take the picture and show it to a buddy of mine.

Here are the specs:
And the ram kit is a 16GB G.Skill FlareX 3200Mhz CL14 and it was bought from Amazon since only has Corsair memory.

  The only thing those pieces needed was the RX Vega liquid cooled and I could finally start building my dream PC. Only one problem. Today I saw the first unboxing vide of the liquid cooled RX Vega done by AdoredTV and my heart sank. I bought that 850W PSU thinking that it should be more than enough since even the high end GPUs these days are fine with only a good quality 600W psu. But when I saw that minimum 1000W PSU requirement on the box I was bummed.

  Now, I don't know what to do. Either I'll buy a new 1000W PSU and wait a few more months to buy the RX Vega liquid cooled (by that time the price will probably be well inflated due to miners), or buy an already overpriced RX 580 so I can at least build my system and also take advantage of the screen's FreeSync capability.