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    windows 10- get black screen when i download drivers


      So I have this problem for about 2 weeks and its getting me annoyed ... I had a problem that i only could turn on pc in safe mode so i disabled all windows automatic updates and drivers updates and with that i could turn on my windows normaly... But now if i try to download the recent drivers, in the instalation process, I get a black screen and I need to force turn off my pc... I tryed several things that i saw in some forums but i still get this black screen if i download the gpu drivers... Is this means that my gpu is kinda dead??

      Graphic card:amd sapphire r9 270x motherboard:Asus M5A97 PLUS CPU:amd fx 8320 eight-core

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          Normaly when you are installing drivers, the monitor flashes in black and some of them takes some time, syncing resolutions, did you wait a few minutes before you force to shutdown your pc?


          Go in safe mode and use ddu to remove older drivers that you have and try install again with administration rights.


          Forget to mention, download the drivers for your graphic version manually from the AMD website and install them, dont use any othe method to install them (windows update or crimson).