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R9 290X GPU marking. Need help.

Question asked by vadimsucepin on Aug 12, 2017


The GPU chip has burned on the my video card.

Video card: Radeon R9 290 X

I took the video card to the service center.

They said that they can replace the GPU chip.

It's possible. But they need to know the marking of the GPU chip. Need to order exactly the same.

Unfortunately we cant read marking of the GPU chip. Number badly seen, he erased.


I have a serial number of the video card. Can some one help me find out by my serial number which GPU I have on it. What is his marking.

Then I can order a new GPU chip for replacement.


S/N 181343 008685


P/N 102C6710100 000001


AMD Radeon R9 290X


I will also attach photos

There you can see all the serial numbers and other information on the stickers