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Question asked by thegravymachine on Aug 12, 2017
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New Machine.


Windows 10, Ryzen 5 1600, Asrock Taichi x370 motherboard.  4x2TB Seagate Constellation drives for long-term storage. I see them in BIOS, see them in raidxpert2, but can NOT get RAID5 as an option in the array menu.


There's a thread in this forum where a user said he resolved his problem by "loading the Windows 7 drivers".  When I attempt this, I get a message from the OS stating 'This package is not compatible with this Windows version"... so I'm not sure how he did it.


I've also downloaded all the x370 driver packages from the AMD site, starting with 15.x and working my way up to 16.9.2 so far, trying to correct this issue.


I've got an M2 boot drive, and a 1TB SSD array (RAID0) already running just fine.


The motherboard in question supplies 10 SATA ports.  8 are SATA3, 6Gbps, the other 2 are simply listed as "SATA" ports with a transfer rate of 500Mbps.  The drives in question are all in the high-speed ports.


What am I missing here?