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    All AMD Drivers, Win 7 x64: COM Surrogate has stopped working!


      Hello all


      I have a big problem installing AMD Drivers both for the new X370 chipset for AMD Ryzen

      in Windows 7 x64 SP1, as well as for an AMD Radeon graphics card RX470 by MSI:


      I have an ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4 motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 1500X CPU

      and a MSI Radeon RX470 Gaming X, 4GB graphics card.

      On this system I can install Windows 7 SP1 x64 with no problem. But when I try to install

      the AMD chipset drivers OR the AMD graphics card drivers, I always get the following error

      message popping up at least once, usually several times, usually freezing (crashing) the



      COM Surrogate has stopped working
      Windows can check online for a solution to the problem the next time you go online.
      --> Check online for a solution later and close the program
      --> Close the program
      [Down Arrow] View problem details
      --> Details:
      Problem signature
      Problem Event Name:           APPCRASH
      Application Name:                DllHost.exe
      Application Version:             6.1.7600.16385
      Application Timestamp:      4a5bca54
      Fault Module Name:             ole32.dll
      Fault Module Version:          6.1.7601.17514

      The funny thing is, it doesn't always happen at the same point.

      At one point or the other, I had a completely normal appearing installation

      of EITHER the chipset drivers OR the graphics card drivers. Just

      never ever both. The error always occurs at least once, usually several times

      and it usually hangs the installer.

      But even when one or the other installation seemed ok, of course I don't know

      if everything installed successfully behind the surface. I have tried clean uninstall

      several times and there, I noticed, that no USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 drivers were

      ever available for uninstallation, despite that 3 or 4 such drivers are installed

      and are individually selectable during installation. So it appears it doesn't install

      those drivers at all.


      I tried this on several Windows 7 SP1 installation attempts, tried clean uninstall

      and even on two different, identical motherboards, one with BIOS P1.60, one

      with BIOS P2.10.

      I tried the chipset driver version 16.50 which came with the motherboard

      setup DVD, as well as the newest version downloaded here, version 17.10

      (amd-chipset-drivers-software-17.10rcp22-apr27.exe, 196'826 KB).

      Same with the graphics card driver, I tried the driver supplied on the original

      purchase setup-DVD (I think it was like version 16.30 or something), as well as

      the newest version downloaded from AMD here

      (whql-win7-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.7.2-july27.exe, 478'647 KB).

      Nothing helps.


      What's going on?

      I specified Windows 7 x64 as my operating system when I downloaded the

      drivers, yet they fail to install correctly on my Windows 7 x64 SP1 system.

      Is this a bug AMD is not aware of yet?

      It seems like their installers are buggy. Or is this a problem in my Windows?

      Should I try to update Windows before trying to install the AMD drivers?

      Please help!


      EDIT: I finally figured it out: After several days of testing and re-installing:

      The AMD drivers are not compatible with basic Windows 7 SP1 x64

      setup. They require your Windows 7 to have been updated after SP1.

      I did the full Windows 7 Windows Update and after that, all AMD

      drivers install flawlessly. Without the Windows Updates, the AMD

      drivers will crash or hang. Obviously Windows Updates adds some

      files or drivers, etc. (perhaps .NET components) which the AMD drivers

      or installer requires. This seems to be a problem of AMD, as an

      installer for drivers should be able to handle a fresh installation of

      an operating system. And I don't even just mean without Windows

      Updates, but basically even without SP1!

      Seemls like AMD took a shortcut when programming its installers

      and just checked them on a fully up-to-date Windows 7 installation

      instead of a fresh and new basic install! Badbadlousy!

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          Just going to give this a bump since i had the exact same problem the OP described above - I got a similar "COM Surrogate" message on a clean and fresh Windows 7 x64 install on my new Ryzen machine. After a night of many hundreds of updates, dozens of reboots and not enough sleep at all it's now pretty much up to date again... And lo and behold, the crimson driver started working again too all of a sudden with all the aforementioned updates installed.


          It's also pretty funny how one of the first things that installed itself right ouf of the box when i tried Windows 10 earlier was the crimson display driver, while with Windows 7 it was exactly the other way around - With the former it actually had to come last in row because the installer wouldn't even work before that as written above. But hey, at least the AMD dev's still make these work on Windows 7 at all i guess.


          As for me, i'd rather take all this fiddling compared to Win10 and keep my privacy in exchange for that. Of course, as an upside to all of this with Windows 7 you really do have full control over all updates you chose to install, while with Windows 10 ("in-built ads" that can't be disabled, it even told me this up front - Bleugh!) i actually had none whatsoever, it would also shut down and wake my machine up from sleep at totally random times during the day - Almost as if to mockingly make a point that it actually has more control over my machine than i do, lol. But not to digress too much from the topic at hand...


          So be advised people, it looks as if you likely *will* have problems with installing the newest crimson drivers on a totally fresh windows 7 installation like me and the OP did. I suppose one could always circumvent problems like this with the use of a slipstreamed installation image already containing SP1 et al though if one were so inclined of course.

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              Hey, thanks for the reply and thumbs up!



              And thank you very much about your very good and appreciated information

              on the really horrible drawbacks of Windows 10!! Ugh! I wasn't aware of that

              S***. That's really a no-go!

              I must admit, with all the hassle I've been through, I have repeatedly considered

              just installing Windows 10 and forgetting about Windows 7. You have successfully

              cured me of that!! :-)

              [As a side-note, I have set up my system as a dual-boot, with reservations for

              another OS later on, even made the "System Reserved" partition 500 MB

              manually with Diskpart, instead of the original 200 MB of WIndows 7, to make

              room for Windows 10 if I later decide to add it as a second OS.]


              Actually I 'burned' my first ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4 motherboard by

              doing a 100% correct and successful BIOS update from the original P1.60 to

              P3.10. I think ASRock used bad BIOS flash chips on this motherboard, at least

              in the first series which I got. I got a success message after the BIOS Update,

              but then the system simply never rebooted, not even to BIOS again, displaying

              error '4F' in the little Dr. Debug error display of the motherboard. Nothing helped,

              not even using new, different memory, resetting CMOS, removing the motherboard

              battery, using the memory in different slots, re-installing memory and CPU or

              anything else the ASRock manual suggests. Sent the MB back to the vendor.


              Anyway, what I was going to say is: I ordered this exact same motherboard

              again, not because I like motherboards that become door-stoppers when you

              update the BIOS correctly and successfully (according to the BIOS itself),

              but just to save all my other hardware investments and because I need

              dedicated PS2 ports for mouse and keyboard (for Arcade Controllers,

              KVM Switches, etc.) and there is not alternative if you want 6 SATA ports

              and all AMD hardware.


              So I got the new motherboard and that has BIOS P2.10 on it. Now, the

              funny thing is, upon installation of Windows 7 64 bit it behaves slightly


              When logging on the very first time, right after Windows 7 setup / installation,

              with the first motherboard I would get a split second flash screen with blue

              Desktop background, displaying two logon icons for two users, one the name

              I chose during installation, the other simply named "User" or "Other" or

              something like that. This dual user logon screen was only displayed a split

              second before the system simply rebooted and displayed only one logon, for

              the user name I chose.


              Now, with the new (identical) motherboard (with new BIOS) I get an error

              message at exactly that point, right after first installation:

              Logon Process Initialization Failure

              Interactive Initialization Logon Process has Failed

              Please consult the Event Log for details.



              I re-tried about 7 times, even checked the installation media (DVD), to

              no avail. I could not find what I was looking for in the 'Event Logs', at

              least not something that I could understand.

              Searching in the Internet, this seems to be another problem of Microsoft

              though, as other users, even of Windows 8 have had this problem and

              Microsoft specifically made a Hotfix to correct it.

              Actually today I even had a 'crash' when booting, at the logon screen,

              where I could not type in the password, nor reboot or anything other

              than move the mouse pointer and had to use the hard hardware reboot

              button to reboot.


              Anyway, since Microsoft supposedly made a Hotfix for this problem, I

              am hoping it will go away with the first Windows Update (need I say

              GitHub Zeffy and WUFUC are direly needed!!?) that I will install. I just

              thought I'd be nice to other guys like me having these kinds of problems

              when trying to build an AMD Ryzen Windows 7 machine and mention

              that as well (when someone is looking for this problem).