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    Ryzen master now requires restarts?


      Hello all, thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.


      After a crash whilst playing the game PUBG, crashing once in a blue moon not unusual for an early access game, on restarting my Ryzen Master behavior changed.


      While playing I had Ryzen Master minimized after my usual 4.1ghz gaming overclock on my 1600x running.


      I used to change overclock profiles and then just hit APPLY and was away to the races.


      Since the crash I change profile and Ryzen Master asks me to RESTART if I want to apply the change?



      Any clue how to get back the original 'no restart required' functionality?


      Worked flawlessly since I built the PC in April.


      I did uninstall/reinstall but it did remember my presets


      Ryzen 1600X in a desktop

      MSI B350 Tomahawk

      16mb/3600 Ram

      Win 10 / 64bit (v1703/build 15063.540)

      Radeon 470 8gb

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          It's always asked me to restart.

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            Hey purplespud,


            Sorry for the bump, kind of. I found this thread after I was experiencing the same problem. After a while of fiddling with a few settings, I came to the conclusion that Ryzen Master will ask you to reboot if you changed any of the memory settings. This includes both the clockspeed and the latencies. I'm assuming those cannot be applied in real-time, which is why it makes you reboot. It's important to note that the memory settings are saved in the profile as-is, so if you ever go into the BIOS yourself and update them after saving that particular profile, it will still have the old settings. It is quickly overlooked or forgotten about, especially when using Memory Try-It!, as that may just update your BIOS settings without making you aware of it explicitly.


            There may be more reasons why the program throws the prompt, I don't know, I just figured I'd let you (and anyone else finding this thread in the future) know, it might be helpful.


            Kind regards.