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Game profiles not reverting back after closing the game

Question asked by sckhar on Aug 11, 2017

Hi guys,



Perhaps you can help me with something:


I have an AMD Radeon R9 380 (XFX Double Dissipation with 4GB is the exact model) that I bought at the same week it launched, the thing is, I live in a coast city in Brazil, so it's really hot and humid here and thanks to that, the heat spreader on my card is in pretty bad shape (it's oxidized and it is like theres salt in it, despite all my efforts to clean it) , so until I can afford changing the cooling system or getting a new graphics card I need to set my fans to 100% while playing some more demanding games, or else the graphics card will overheat.


However, I won't leave it at 100% all the time, not only it's really loud but it also will decrease the already short lifespan of my GPU fans, so at first I wanted to set the Crimson Software to put the fans at 100% when I run a game, however that is not possible, I need to create 1 individual profile for each game I want and set the fans at 100% on that profile, which honestly wouldn't be that bad if weren't by this issue:


When I play one of the games that has a profile enabled the fans will go to 100% as expected, but after I close the game the fans never reset back to auto as it is set on the global profile, it remains at 100% until I manually open Crimson go to the Global Profile and re-enable it.

What's weird is that it used to work a few versions before, but as updates came, this started to happen, at first it was only after long sessions, then it started to happen on basically any gaming session regardless of how long I've been on it.


Some spec details in case it helps with anything:


Windows 10 Pro x64 (latest update)

AMD Crimson ReLive 17.7.2

Intel Core i5 7600k (stock speeds)

XFX AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB (stock speeds)

1 x 8 GB DDR4 2400




I attached the games I have on my software and my global profile.

After I close a game it was supposed to revert back to it, but it doesnt, so I need to open it, click from auto to manual, apply and then click on auto again in order to revert the fans back to stock speeds.

Does anyone know a better way for me to do that? Is there a way to set the software to put the fans at 100% automatically when a game is detected or based on temperature?


Also, does anyone have a suggestion on how I can clean the heatpipes and fins? I tried brushing and such basic things but none will work, I need an effective way to remove all salt from it.



Thanks in advance!


Edit: meh I still wonder why I bother with AMD's support... It's been dead horrible like this since basically always...