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    R7 1700 Low temperature readings?


      Hi everyone.


      Been having problems witth my 1700. It seems that it might be monitoring my temperatures wrong? At idle I'm getting  very low temperatures.




      Same thing occurs when I run Aida to try stress it out.




      I'm on the latest drivers from Asus, using the x370F Strix. Tried reflashing motherboard bios a few times to no avail. Have enabled HPET and on the highest performance power mode.

      Using a Kraken x52  cooler, have tried multiple CPU temp monitoring programs but all are exhibiting the same behavior.


      Do I just have a godlike chip (unlikely) or is there something else going on here.


      Best regards,

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          Idle temps look slightly low, even with liquid cooling and power savings enabled, which you have, you should be idling around 30°C unless your ambient temps are around 60°F.



          But under load you should be in the high 40s to mid 50s. Faulty sensor reading most likely, nothing to get overly concerned about, Ryzen has a much higher thermal maximum than previous AMD CPUs, 91°C I believe, and unless your pump fails it's not going to get that hot.

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              I have the same processor and same issue.  Since replacing the stock wraith with the corsair h100i v2 it is reporting 12C at idle and only 30C under full load re-encoding some videos.  I stepped up the fan curve to make sure its staying cool but no idea what could be wrong ... any thoughts?