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relive is previewing as green only or the preview freezes half way through plz help

Question asked by ryze2prime on Aug 11, 2017


ok iv pretty much given up there seems to be problem after problem with youtubing.

the details are that im using AMD relive capture device to record the the game "player unknown battlegrounds" my media player is VLC. i recently got the new version of AMD driver so that might be something to know. my security trial is telling me to update 2 drivers one is ethernet and other is SATA. im playing the game Full window and had next to no previous problems with recording

heres a list of the problems:

after done recording and i preview the footage its ALL green with he audio playing its happened a couple of times i dunno how to fix it. it seems to happne to long videos from what i can suggest

another problem is along with the green screen some of my footage plays fine but halfway through it just freezes i can still here the audio and see the mouse crusor movements bu that it it just stays frozen

if theirs anything you would like to know or even want me to make qa video of it ill do it

please help and thanks.