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Ryzen 1700x bsod WHEA logger

Question asked by tvdz on Aug 11, 2017

Hello everyone,


I am new here. A month ago I upgraded my old pc to the 1700x. I replaced all the components beside the ssd, hhd, power and gpu. These are the specs:


Amd 1700x

Asus prime x370 pro

corsair vengeance lpx 2x16 gig CMK32GX4M2A2400C14

msi gtx 970

650 w power coolermaster


I use my pc for productivity work like 3d rendering, premiere, afx, etc. The pc was rebuild by an company. At first I already had issues with stability. When doing normal tasks there was not a problem. Even running cpu tests like aida64 it was very stable. But when I began to render in afx and houdini, I began to have bsod. In the errors I had the understanding that it could have been the memory. I did memtest and everything was good. Then because of another person on the internet suggested to lower the clock speed of the memory. So I did. It is now 1866. That fixed the problem. After working for a month everything was smooth.


Till now. I just was working in chrome and had other things open like a video. nothing fancy. After a half hour I came back and it crached. I was very suprised to find the error in the log. The error was this:


WHEA logger


an irreversable hardware error occured



cache error

Processor APIC id 1


He also made the same error with another id: Processor APIC id 14


I never heard of this error and because it is the processor that is mentioned, I am a bit worried. At this moment everything is good for the last 3 hours. My question is was this an error caused by the processor? If so is the processor defective? Or was it just a windows error.


PS. i did not overclock the processor.


I hope someone can help me.